About Hammond Contracts

Hammond Contracts, Inc is experienced in both small and large projects. Over the past several years we have had great success on a wide variety of projects with customers in West Meade, Inglewood, East End, Green Hills, Hillsboro-West End, Sylvan Park, Berry Hill, Forrest Hills, Brentwood and Franklin. We have successfully completed several projects under the supervision of the expert staff at the Metropolitan Historic Commission.

Our small projects include the construction of new bathroom vanities, custom doors, built-in book shelves, and other custom services. We also provide carpentry services for the honey-do list that never seems to get smaller. Our large projects include home additions and complete interior gut, renovation of the house.

In the majority of our remodel work we have had the unique experience of correcting structural, foundation, and aesthetic failures due to prior poor building practices, poor material selection, and poor codes regulations. With the hands on knowledge of correcting so many past mistakes we believe Hammond Contracts, Inc has a distinct advantage in the planning, constructing or remodeling of your home.

Integrity of planning, communication, and workmanship is what we strive for on a daily basis with every project.

What does integrity mean at Hammond Contracts, Inc?